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Related article: Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 01:18:54 -0800 (PST)
From: Wendi
Subject: 'The Family Foursome' {Wendi} ( real group MF MM FF anal inc ) [1!1] Shortly after first meeting my future wife, Holly, I met her younger
sister, Melanie, who lolita dark cp list was fourteen at the time. She was a hot-to-trot
little cunt that I would have loved to fuck until my cum came up out of her
pouty mouth. My latent pedophilia was again raising its horny head, since
I was thirty-three at the time; Holly was twenty-four. Melanie came to live with us for a while when she was twenty-five
after a short-lived marriage. One day I unexpectedly returned home early
to hear the most erotic-sounding female moaning and panting that I ever
heard. The sounds of pleasure were coming from our bedroom and I found the
two sisters naked together in bed. Holly was on top of Melanie, banging
away at her lovely cunt with a strapped-on double-ended dildo, a good seven
inches on each side. (Holly told me later that she and her old friend,
Amy, had used it together regularly during their man-hating periods.) In
any event, the two incestuous bi-sexual siblings hardly even noticed my
entrance, so engrossed were they in fucking the hell out of their pussies. The scene was intensely erotic and lustful. "Fuck me, Sis! Oh yeah, harder and faster! Make me cum!" Melanie
cried out. "I'm going to fuck the living shit out of you!" Holly gasped. Both were sweating and bucking and writhing, and the entire bed was
bouncing off the floor. I had a throbbing, aching boner from the moment I
surprised the two of them in this compromising lesbian situation, so I
ripped off all my clothes and straddled Melanie's pert boobs with my oozing
cock pointed at her luscious lips. Her eyes were glazed over in sexual
frenzy as I grabbed her by her long brunette locks and thrust my dick into
her mouth. She started sucking immediately and was able to take in all of
my five-plus inches. I started face-fucking her furiously, and in unison,
the three of us succumbed to orgasmic release. Melanie started to gag on
the copious amount of cum that my balls were pumping down her throat, so I
pulled out of her mouth and continued to spurt my sperm over her face. We collapsed in a heap on the bed, the dildo still buried deep in both
sisters' dripping snatches, while I licked all that underage preteen lolita modelling
remained of my juices
off of Melanie's pretty face. Holly now withdrew the dildo out of her
sister's twat, but underage lolitas nn models
left the other end buried up her love canal and still
strapped on. She opened her mouth around my flaccid penis to suck it
clean, and it immediately sprang to life again. I then mounted Melanie and she splayed her legs wide in order to take
my entire throbbing prick into her sopping-wet hole. She moaned loudly as
I threw a hump into her, her hips rotating rhythmically and thrusting up at
me simultaneously. All at once I felt something at the crack of my ass.
Holly had a ketchup squeeze bottle filled with K-Y Jelly, and she squirted
it around my rosebud and into my bowels. Then she tried to skewer me with
the dildo. I pushed out in order to relax my sphincter muscle, and she
slid the entire 7-inch pseudo-cock up my rectum. It's too bad this wasn't on film for posterity or maybe even the porn
industry. Here was this unholy threesome. Not only was I fucking the
living hell out of my sister-in-law in the presence of her sister, preteen lolita nude teen but her
sister was sodomizing me, her husband, with that long hard imitation dick,
the other end of which was pounding up her ample cunt and rubbing against
her clit. We kept this act up for some time until we all collapsed again
in a sweaty, exhausted, and naked heap. The doorbell rang and Melanie jumped up, ran naked to the front door,
and peered out through the peephole. "It's Troy," she said. "What should I do?" "Well, let him in, you asshole," said Holly to her sister, as she also
ran into the living room underage lolitas nn models
with the dildo still strapped on with one end
buried deep in her hole. Troy was Melanie's fianc�. He was a handsome twenty-two-year-old hunk
with curly light-brown hair, a good build, and the most darling little
curly blond hair covering the rest of his body. I always lusted after him,
just wondering what his cock looked like and how it would taste in my
mouth. The girl's opened the door and dragged the astonished Troy into the
house. "What in the hell's going on here?" he asked. "You'll find out!" chimed the sisters as they started ripping off his
clothes on the way to the bedroom. "You in on this, too, Ed?" asked Troy when he saw me naked on the bed,
playing with my dick. "Come on and join preteen lolita kds pics
us," I said. "The girls surprised me with their sex
game when I got home. I always wanted to suck your cock, Troy, and it
looks like this is the time that I'll get the chance!" "I never would have thought that you were queer, Ed," said Troy. "I'm bi, but I never knew that Holly and Melanie were until today," I
answered. "You might as well get used to it and join in the fun. It's a
'Family Affair.'" With that, Melanie sat her naked ass on edge of the bed, pushed Troy
to his knees between her spread legs, grabbed him by his curly locks, and
pulled his mouth into her cunt. I slid between his legs and started to
stroke his already hardening prick to its full and lovely 7-inch length. As Troy licked the length of Melanie's pussy, I kissed and licked the
swollen head of his dick, and then put my lips around it and drew it into
my mouth. He moaned and jumped and almost bit off Melanie's clitty. Holly now got behind Troy's ass with the squeeze bottle, injected a
copious amount of the jelly around and in his asshole, and proceeded to
jamb that wicked-looking fake cock right up his butt. He howled and
groaned into Melanie's pussy, but that didn't stop Holly! She just slid
that dildo in and out of his rectum, working herself into a frenzy. I kept on sliding Troy's beautiful pecker in and out of my mouth and
down my throat. This was the first time he'd ever took part in a sex
foursome, and he had three hole working at once! "Oh, yeah, now, now! I'm cumming!" cried Melanie as her hot, steamy
cunt bucked up against her boyfriend's mouth. Simultaneously, Holly went into orgasm, ramming her prick furiously
into Troy's now well-worked ass, and I felt his body stiffen and his dick
flare out in my throat as he shot spurt after spurt of his salty hot cum
down my gullet. I managed to swallow it all as I always had for my best
friend, Bobby. I didn't miss a drop of this tasty treat from our new
partner. Holly finally unstrapped the dildo from around her waist and hips and
it made this vile sucking sound as she pulled it out lolita ls models nymph
of her cunt. It was
dripping with her pussy juice and more was leaking out of her overused
twat. We all laughed at slurping and at the fact that Holly's legs were so
rubbery from her many orgasms in the past few hours that she could hardly
stand. She managed to flop on the bed, and Melanie pulled herself up along
side of her sister. Troy and I then got into bed next to them. Holly and
Melanie cuddled in each other's arms and kissed, as did Troy and I. We
then masturbated each other, girl-girl and boy-boy, until we all alizee moi lolita mp3 came and
shot cum all over one another. We pulled up the covers over our sticky
bodies and soiled linens, and fell into a deep satisfied and well-earned
sleep.We must have unknowingly shifted positions during the night because when I
awoke, I was snuggled up with my ass against my sister-in-law's cunt.
Melanie's one arm was around my waist, her hand holding onto my prick.
Troy was on the other side of the bed with his head lying on Holly's bush
and his cock near my wife's mouth; his well-muscled ass was a few inches
away from my face. There was dried crusty cum covering the four of us, the
bedclothes, and the carpeting. I just had to fuck Troy's lovely ass; it was virgin until Holly
plunged into it with the strap-on the night before. I quietly woke Melanie
and told her what I intended to do. Holly slowly opened her eyes and I
motioned to her to be quiet and not move. Melanie and I ever so slowly got
off the bed so as not to awaken Troy, and I went around to the other side
of the bed and whispered my plan into Holly's ear. Holly nodded her understanding and started gently kneading Troy's
balls while she took his flaccid dick between her full lips. He slowly
began to stir, as did his cock, and Holly sucked his pole until it was
thoroughly hard again. Melanie and I were sitting next to each other in
the loveseat watching and masturbating.
Holly slipped a pillow under her ass, raising up her steamy cunt as an
offering to her sister's fianc�. "Come on, Troy," she cooed, "I need a good fucking, and it looks like
Ed's pretty busy with Melanie right now." She hardly got the words out of her mouth and Troy was on her like
flies on shit, plunging his entire seven-inch phallus into alizee moi lolita mp3
Holly's ample
dick dock. While Troy lost himself in the pleasures of my wife's pussy,
Melanie got on the bed, spread apart his ass cheeks, and I thrust my lubed
and swollen dick right up his guy-cunt. He cried out in surprise when my
peter first penetrated his puckered pink hole, but he never stopped his
slow rhythmical reaming of Holly's twat. He time he pulled back out of her
love hole, I rammed my pole up his rectum, and when he shoved his thing
back in, I pulled out of him. The tightness of his almost virgin sphincter
felt so good on my prick that I could scarcely keep from shooting my load
before it was time; the luxurious warmth of his bowels enveloped my shaft
every time I pushed in. Not being satisfied with masturbating and wanting to get in on some
sex action, Melanie straddled her sister, sat on her size thirty-sixes and
shoved her dripping cunt over Holly's nose and mouth. Holly gasped for
air, and then started to lick and suck her Melanie's pussy so her sister
wouldn't suffocate her. The four of us were fucking, bucking and sucking
for what seemed like an eternity. Troy yelled, "Oh God, I'm kinder lolita pic gallery cumming!" "Oh yes, fuck me hard, Troy, honey!" screamed Holly, her cry somewhat
muffled by her sister's pubes in her face. "Don't stop! Fill up my belly
with your cum!" she said while she bucked like a bronco. Troy let go with his full load into Holly, and I let go up his ass
with my balm. Holly continued with spasm after spasm of her usual multiple
orgasms and now Melanie bucked and smashed her cunt against her sister's
lips. It's a total wonder that the bed didn't collapse from all the
vigorous action! It seemed liked an eternity before we finally recovered from our orgy.
We all climbed into our double shower together, and washed each other,
including all our body cavities. After drying ourselves, we spent the rest
of lolitta art nude pics the day lying around naked, but too sexually sated and physically
exhausted for any more games. We even called out for food, as we were too
tired to cook. Troy was initiated into gay sex and our kinky family that weekend.
The four of us continued with these liaisons regularly every weekend for a
couple of years, even after Melanie and Troy got married, until Holly and I
moved to a different town. What an odd relationship it turned into! I was
fucking my wife, Holly, and my sister-in-law, Melanie; Troy was fucking his
wife, Melanie, and his sister-in-law, my wife, Holly; and the two sisters
and Troy and I were sucking and fucking each other. Try to figure that
Feel free to e-mail me. Wendi at sweetwendi2002yahoo.com

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